UPSC IAS Previous Year Prelims Paper - CSP 1994

Current Affairs
CSP 1994

Indian expertise was recently used in the archaeological restoration of the monuments at

A. Jerusalem
B. Angkor Wat
C. Rome
D. Yucatan

Answer: Option B

Art And Culture
CSP 1994

The earliest evidence of silver in India is found in the

A. Harappan culture
B. Chalcolithic cultures of Western India
C. Vedic texts
D. Silver punch-marked coins

Answer: Option A

Fundamentals Of Economics
CSP 1994

To know whether the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer, it is necessary to compare

A. the wholesale price index over different periods of time for different regions
B. the distribution of income of an identical set of income recipients in different periods of time
C. the distribution of income of different sets of income recipients at a point of time
D. the availability of foodgrains among two sets of people, one rich and the other poor, over different periods of time

Answer: Option B

Current Affairs
CSP 1994

Given below are voting percentage of a political party secured in three successive elections to the Lok Sabha:
Years Percentages of Votes 7.4 11.4 22.4
The party which secured these percentages of votes was

A. Congress (I)
B. Bahujan Samaj Party
C. Bharatiya Janata Party
D. Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Answer: Option C

Physical Geography
CSP 1994

An aeroplane takes off from 30° North Latitude, 50° East Longitude, and lands at the opposite end of the earth. Where does it land ?

A. 30° North Lat., 50° West Long
B. 30° South Lat., 50° West Long
C. 50° North Lat., 30° West Long
D. 30° South Lat., 130° West Long

Answer: Option A