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In recent years, there have come up plethora of websites dedicated to preparation of Civil Services Examinations(CSE). Still, a need was felt for a place where one could analyze and practice questions for Preliminary Examination in an interactive way. This website is an endeavour to fulfill that need.

Here is what you will find on this site:

  • Previous years question papers sorted topic wise for better analysis of the questions.
  • Topic wise practice questions. Once you finish reading some topic, you can visit this site to practice questions on that topic. This will help you identify blind spots in your understanding of the topic.

  • What this site is not about?
  • This site is not an online coaching site. We are never going to provide any Prelims Test series. Site is solely dedicated to question practice for Prelims.
  • This site will not provide questions for Mains Examination.

  • How can users contribute?
    As the name suggests, this site is a forum.
  • We encourage users to participate in discussions of the questions.
  • Users can submit questions to us. The content you submit should not be protected by someone else's copyright.
  • Moreover, feedback for improvement of the site is highly appreciated.

  • Provide your valuable feedback.

    Please mention things you like about this site as well as suggestions for improvement.

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